Sunday, October 25, 2015

Amazon App Treasure Hunt - Answer of Question/Clues

Amazon Treasure Hunt Offers - Answers of Every Clue

Amazon is giving Rs.1 deals every from 10AM to 6PM on app. Every hour giving the clues to solve at and claim the product for Rs.1

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Amazon treasure hunt is available for 8 hours from 10 AM to 6 PM at Amazon app. Starting from 10 AM, clues are mentioned related to a product of any category. User have to find the products recognizing on the basis on clues given. This process repeats after every hour, next clues take place for new product in replacement of older clues. This hunt started from 20th Oct 2015 and still running as time mentioned.

We are helping all our viewers to solve the clues and find the product by publishing the answers of Amazon treasure hunt clues. Our shopping expert team is very well at it. We are requesting all our visitors to stay connected with us for answers of Amazon treasure hunt clues and also if you are faster than our expert team, i.e. you solve the hint clues and find out the right product, you can tell us through comments. We are eagerly waiting for your kind attention.

22nd Oct Contest

  • 5 pm question - Mightier than the sword

Answer - Jeffrey Archer's Book
  • 4pm Question - Sachin Tendulkar, Robin Singh, Naseer Hussain
Answer - 1989 (Standard Edition) CD
  •  3 pm Question - over 43 quintillion combinations.
 Answer -Funskool Rubik's Cube
  •  2pm clue - A old man picture. 
Answer -Author R.R. Martin,  A Song of Ice and Fire Box set
  • 1 PM Question - Arun Govil and Deepika Chikhalia
Answer - Sampurna Ramayan - Vol 1 to 20 (Episodes 1 to 152)
  •  12pm Question - Commissioned by British Public Service Broadcaster documentry.
 Answer - BBC documentary  Planet Earth - The Complete Series (6 Disc Special Edition)
  •  11am Question - Showing 7 stars, cold tree.
 Answer -7 Star AC
  • 10am Question - She' tall, she is fit and she is even got a hit.
Answer - Shilpa' Yoga

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